Printa Case FAQ


How long does it exactly take to make a personalized/custom case?


The longest part in making a custom personalized case is the design. Every customer has different preferences on how they want their picture/design to look on their case. Once you have sized and positioned the picture how they would like it is a quick process.

  1. Printing the photo – 20-30 seconds
  2. Laminate/Cutting – 20-30 seconds
  3. Applying to case/phone – 20-30 seconds

Start to finish – 1-2 Minutes

Can I use my printer?


Yes. Printa Case was created to be simple. Our system uses a standard Ink Jet printer. You can use the one you already have or purchase a new printer. We recommend the Epson EcoTank series. This series lets you print thousands of high quality prints before having to fill that tanks. The cost per print is less than a penny which puts more money in your pocket!

What type of tablet/computer will run the Printa Case software?

Currently any tablet or computer that is running Windows 10.

Is this a heat sublimation product?

No. Printa Case is a print to material process. This allows us to create the personalized case quicker, offer more options/upgrades, and create full side printed phone/tablet cases.