Phone Case Printing Machines


Personalized Device

Our Printa Case software and hardware package has you creating personalized skins and customized cases for your iPhones and Androids in minutes


As proof of our long-lasting commitment to our customers, we promise to keep your software updated as and when new cellphone models become available on the market, meaning your customers will be able to customize skins for even the newest iPhone and Android models.

Phone Case Printing Machines

How does the Printa Case package make fully customizable skins?

  • Over 300 different iPhones, Androids and cellphone cases to choose from in our software’s cellphone model database
  • User-friendly design software to help you create covers completely personal to you
  • Print your skin with our inkjet printer for a stylish and high-quality finish
  • Choose from over 6 different laminates (glossy, matte, wood finish, 3D, etc.) to give each customized skin that extra “wow” factor and professional polish your customers will love
  • Easy application to an iPhone or Android model, as well as to clear and hard cases, with the cover sheets included in the package
  • Cases come in variety of colors

In addition to creating personalized skins, the Printa Case package also offers the same great quality for creating screen protectors and carbon fiber wraps for each of the 300 iPhone and Android models we have in our software’s database.

Phone Case Printing Machines


Welcome to our materials page. Here you will see a list of everything you need to keep your Printa Case
product line running. All Material comes in a 4” x 7” universal sheet that your PAC 3000 cuts
instantly to any phone selected in the program. On demand inventory in minutes.

Personalized Skins/Cases

Phone Case Printing Machines

$2.00/ 4″ x 7″ Sheet

Our 4” x 7“ Personalized Glossy Photo Vinyl is the only universal sheet you need to create stunning covers. Simply slip into the printer, print and your done. Our material is water proof with a removable adhesive to attach to any phone.

Phone Case Printing Machines

$0.25 / 4″ x 7″ Sheet

Our 4”x 7“Laminate is the protection for all personalized photo vinyl. With protection it also creates your stunning glossy look with a texture feel. Is the apply to photo with the swipe of a hand.

Screen/Clear Protection

Phone Case Printing Machines

$1.00 / 4′ x 7″ Sheet

Our 4” x 7“ Screen Protection Film is all you need for any phone. In seconds select the model of the customers phone, slide the sheet into the PAC 3000 and instantly a protector is made for your client. Our polyurethane material is one of the strongest on the market. Applied with a small mist of solution and the screen protector goes on with no bubbles and last for a lifetime. This same material is used for customers looking for that same strong protection to wrap the back and sides of their device for a thin clear scratch protection.

Carbon Fiber

Phone Case Printing Machines

$1.25 / 4′ x 7″ Sheet

Our 4”x 7“ Carbon fiber sheets come in 6 different colors (Black, Silver, White, Pink, Red, Purple). This wrap is ultra thin with a scratch protection that’s unstoppable. The clean stylish carbon fiber look is a popular product and will sell hot off the shelves.