Custom and Durable Phone Covers


The Printa Case package includes professional, user-friendly software that makes creating stylish cases
and durable covers for iPhones and Androids simple.

Why do our customers buy Printa Case?

  • Because it’s versatile: Printa Case software offers a huge variety of cellphone model types for skin and cover printing
  • Because it’s user-friendly: Our software is so user-friendly that anyone can use it
  • Because it’s fast: Personalized iPhone and Android cases are printed in minutes for your customers
  • Because it’s entirely customizable: You can adjust the size, position and more with a few clicks
Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Whether you want to create a custom skin, a carbon fiber wrap or a screen protector, Printa Case does it all, and does it exceptionally well.

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

With just one user-friendly package, you can offer your customers a range of stylish, scratchproof and,
most importantly, fully customizable accessories for their iPhones and Android.

To see how it works, take a look at the screencaps of our software below

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

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Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Creating Personalized Skins/Cases

In a few simple steps, you will have a beautiful,personalized skin,wrap or protective cover for your customer’s
iPhone/Android device that’s ready in minutes.

How To Use Printa Case

Our simple step-by-step process given below neatly explains how Printa Case works for your cellphone accessory business and your customers:

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Step 1 – Design

Upload your personalized design into the Printa Case software, either on the Windows Tablet (an optional extra in the Printa Case package) or your own PC/laptop. From there, you will have the option to make edits to your image for a fully customized experience that is sure to result in a stylish iPhone or Android accessory.

For a more detailed look at designing within the software itself, check out our page.

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Step 2 – Print

Print out your personalized design on high-quality vinyl sheets using the standard inkjet printer. Both the sheets and the printer are included in our Printa Case package.

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Step 3 – Laminate

The final step to creating a stylish, personalized skin is to cut your case, wrap or cover to size. With the Printa Case package’s precision cutting tool, you are finished with customizing your iPhone or Android model in seconds.

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Step 4 – Cut

It’s so quick and easy to laminate your products. Using the Printa Case package’s professional laminator, your customized cases will be beautifully glossy in just one swipe from the machine!

Custom and Durable Phone Covers

Step 5 – Apply

Just peel off your design from the sheet, apply it to your iPhone/Android, skin or case, and you’re done!